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News and Updates

Now you must reach at least Lv100 to get Z-Job Coins from Jobbing.

Beta Changelog - 06/12/2017

we will always update this info

1-Pet inventory increased to > 2pages
2-Vigor Potion reduced to < 15%
3-Avatars added to item mall
4-Guild/Union Emblem fixed
4-Max level fixed
5-Delay should be fixed( report back)
6-Enabled Old Select Character
7-Added new npc at samarkand with 60 Title names
8-increased Max stacks
9-added 3x Silk scrolls (100.500.1000)
10-added Reset skill / stat Scrolls to ZvSRO npc
11-Added 150 silks for first 100 player that will reach Lv105

if you used more then 1 titlename scroll you can change between pm ZvSRO_BOT with (/settitle + titleid)
to get your titles list pm ZvSRO_BOT with (/titles


you can report any bug/problem on discord channel


Beta Phase : 5th of Dec 2017
Grand Opening : 1st of jan 2018


for more info check our elitepvpers topic 



Hello !

do you remember ZVSRO?
The server which went online 3 years ago.
we were the first server that opened a server, with a mixed system. 
We used the VSRO server files, with ZSZC features implemented. 

Today we are coming back with that same system,
but with an improved gameplay system and many more features than before!
we have been thinking to open a server with original ZSZC files,
but since silkroad players nowadays don't like to play on a server without bot
we decided to use VSRO files instead of the ZSZC files. 
Also ZSZC files had many more bugs and way less features.
so we're going to give you a mixed server with new features and a old school feeling.

Server Status

  • Online Players: 1 / 1000

  • Login Server : ONLINE
    Game Server(s) : ONLINE

    Server times

    • Servertime:15:42:02

    • Battle Arena:
    • Fortresswar:
    • Register: EveryDay

Server info

  • Cap: 105
  • PetCap: 105
  • Masteries: 360
  • Degree: 11
  • EXP & SP: 25x
  • PartyEXP: 30x
  • Gold & Drop: 2x/15x
  • TradeRate: 20x
  • Max Plus: 10(no ADV)
  • PC Limit: 4
  • JobLIMIT: 1
  • FwLIMIT: 1
  • ArenaLIMIT: 1
  • GuildLimit: 32
  • UnionLIMIT: 3


Cap 105

Since zszc was cap 105 we'd like to use same Max level as it.

Monsters Place

ZsZc Mobs between Lv:90 and Lv:105 was moved around Constantinople and samarkand we'd like to move the mobs like it was.

Trade Route

As old school we didn't change the old trade route You can use the original trade route.

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